Part 10 – More investment, more income

November 2022

As I decided to get my marriage registration done, I went to the village and completed the important task. After I did the registration, I don’t know why but I felt proud and cool.

Winter season has started why spicy snacks cannot be sold as before. Therefore, I have decided to expand my business. I used to save 300 rupees per day, from the saving money. I plan to expand my business with varieties of food items such as tea, mo:mo: (dumplings), noodles, fried eggs, boiled eggs, aluchups (fried potato with peas floor) and many more. I know where to get the best materials for that. Whenever I buy the materials, I always take the receipts and all my daily transactions I record properly and accurately.

I never ever used spices that are harmful to the human body. I always use quality spices which is healthy. I always treat my customers differently than my competitors and I appreciate when they provide feedback and implement accordingly.

Seeing the situation today, I am very happy with myself and who I am, and what I am doing. I implement what I learn in the WAWCAS training. As of now, I feel I am a successful and good entrepreneur. My idea of expanding my business is very much profitable. I want to continue and invest more in my business because I have learned that “more investment gives more income, and more income gives more profit”.