Part 8 – Visits helps to solve many issues

January 2024


I was really happy today because Nara Bahadur visited our home and provided many useful suggestions to improve our business. He always comes with a big smile and I feel comfortable whenever he visits us. My goat farming business is going well because I always follow the suggestions of our technical person regarding cleaning the goat sheds, using homemade remedies, and so on. In our area, many goat businesses have started, and we are discussing how to sell our goats at good prices in the market. Our trainer suggested that we develop a marketing strategy and a plan. This is not only important for me, but also for all the other women who have started goat farming businesses. Nara Bahadur suggests that we communicate with other women and discuss our ideas in other meetings or trainings. In our next meeting, we will work on developing our marketing strategy and plan which will be very helpful for our business.

Personally, I appreciate the visits from our trainers and Technical Assistants as they always help us to move forward.