Part 5: Operating a new business

The 7-day training and the 4-day livestock training were successfully conducted and were very educational for me on how to run my business smoothly. I was overwhelmed after the two trainings. My mind and body were full of positive thoughts and learnings. After receiving the seed money, I was excited to start my new business; goat farming. Right after the completion of the 7-day training, I bought 2 healthy mother goats and built a new shed with the help of my relatives. I tried to build a modern shed which I had learnt in the 4-day livestock training. Building the shed took almost a whole day.

The next day, I went to a nearby market to buy all the required necessities and food for my goats. I also bought some vitamins for my goats. After all the preparation was completed, I moved my goats into the shed. Every morning, I go and cut nutritious grass for my goats so they can be healthy and grow faster. I am grateful for the Slisha Organization for providing the required seed money and teaching me all of the required business knowledge for running my new business on my own.