Part 5 – Meaningful Training

September 2023

I was eagerly waiting to participate in the IBT-trainings. All the trainings are so meaningful and enjoyable.  When our trainer talked about sanitation, I felt like it’s so simple and I already know everything about cleanliness. During our discussion, I then got to realize that we don’t know much. During the discussion, I realized that personal hygiene is important, and it is also important to make our surroundings clean. We also came to know that we should wash stone grinder after its use which we weren’t doing.  We also discussed the menstruation period. When we heard the word ‘Period’, all of us felt ashamed and we put our head down. But our trainer told us that there is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a natural process. He also said that we must take good care of our hygiene during the period. We should wash our private parts regularly. We felt uncomfortable when the trainer was asking us about this, but he told us that our period is part of our life and nothing to be ashamed of.

If we really want change in our life, then we must change our habits. While our trainer was saying all these things, I remembered my house and surroundings. I felt stupid because I knew my house and surroundings were not clean. I was not following personal hygiene. I was telling myself; I will try to bring change to my behavior, and I will try my best to apply all these things in my life.

The training was an eye-opener for us as usual. Our trainer asked everyone to follow and try to change our lifestyles. I went back home and observed the toilet. I went to every corner of my home. I then decided to apply all the learned things in my life.

Because of this IBT-training, I learned many things and I will implement all these learned things in my daily life. And I hope to learn many more things in the coming days!

Thank you.