Part 3 – Our Rights and Duties

August 2023



The children were excited for the today’s meeting because I told them that we would have class on a specific topic so they arrived before me at  the location of our meeting. This was the 1st session with children on the topic child rights.

I asked the children “What do you know about child rights?” Half of the children were aware of the topic and half of the children were confused. It is really sad to know, that there are so many children who are unaware of child rights.

Everyone needs to realize their rights. I made them clear about child right. Every child has the right to name and birth registration along with their identity. Every child shall have the right to education, health, proper care, sports, entertainment, and overall personality development from the families and state.

Then I asked them “Have you got all your rights?”, “Did you ever realize, or recognize your rights and responsibilities?”  Most of the children were aware of this and had all the rights. However, some of the children were unaware because of the poor economic condition of their families.  They don’t have the proper maintenance and time from their parents.

In addition, I told them that they should not expect everything from your parents: It is your responsibility and obligation towards your parents. To love and respect them. Obeying your parents. Protecting and taking care of them. Asking for parents’ permission and blessing. Helping parents work. Keeping the good name and child’s mandate of parents. Coming immediately when your parents call. Just like parents towards us, we as children must also pray for the good of the world and hereafter. You can pray for the health and overall matter of your parents, and ask for protection at every step.

If we want to protect the next generation, we have to think about the children’s rights.

In conclusion, I told them to make their own action plan. And I informed them that I will come to see them at their home and see how they are doing in their family. Also, I will talk to their parents.

They were all excited to welcome me in their house and ready to work as per their action plan. Also for the next session.