Part 3 – Learning with fun

August 2023

During the 7 Days Training, I would not be able to go for work, and therefore I was very stressful as I had to arrange food for my family for all 7 days.  I had to manage this, and I had been saving since the last three months. But still it was hard to manage this for 7days. But I was trying my best. I also discussed this with my mother-in-law, and she told me not to worry. She would go to work. She is old and I was scared to send her to labor work.

But I am also very happy because I will soon start my own business.

Finally, the day arrived and my mother–in-law went for work and I went for the training.

After a warm welcome, our trainer said that the training would be started by giving an introduction in different ways. I felt excited and nervous. She pasted a piece of paper on the back of all members of the group and she asked us to find another similar piece of paper to pair up with our new friend. While searching my pair, I ran here and there. Everyone was laughing and we had tears in our eyes.

In that moment I remembered my childhood where I used to laugh so fearlessly.

The most interesting part was the exercise about naming a person who inspired us and a person whom you don’t like it. Trainer asked us to think about the reason for the person inspiring us. I was not sure who inspired me, because I have never thought about this. However, I did not think about the person, but I focused on the behaviors I like the most. Everyone expressed behaviors like positive thinking, honesty, trust, open-mindedness, tolerance, encourage people, never make decision in one aspect, commitments, always give good logic, simple, co-operative, listen when others speaks, give respect to everyone.

After our discussion on the inspiring people, the trainer again requested us to think about the person whom we don’t like – and the reason for that. The following points emerged from the exercise:

  • Always having negative attitudes
  • Show off
  • Jealousy
  • Backbiting
  • Pulling leg
  • Not cooperative

The main objective of this exercise was to inspire us so that we can be successful entrepreneurships.

The training was very meaningful. Every day I learn a lot about how to become a good and successful entrepreneur.  Then everyone shared their vision for the future. I said that my vision was that 5 years from now my children will reach 10 grade in school, and from my vegetable shop I will have 150,000 rupees in my saving account in the bank.

Every day I share what I learned from the training with my friends, and they also showed interest to be a part of the WAWCAS Program.

It was amazing how fast the 7 Days Training was completed: The atmosphere was very positive and joyful, and we played a lot of meaningful games which made us energetic and enthusiastic.