Part 12: My Inspiring Tool PSRP

When I look back, I have learned many things through IBT (Issue Based Training) and business. My life has changed drastically, and it has not been easy for me. I have improved myself, but still there are areas to change and improve. At every IBTmeeting, Samjhana has taught us about different topics. Every topic has been important and knowledgeable. But the thing I realized the most is only that learning is not enough, it is also important to implement whatever we learned. I like so very much doing PSRP. In the beginning, I felt uneasy to respond, and sometimes I felt so bad that I was not implementing it. Now I like it, and I enjoy doing the PSRP. 

It really inspires me to improve. After the self-review, Samjhana and I came up with the following list of all my improvements to this day: I keep records of income, expenses and savings, and I am making decisions about work myself.  We also added the ability to balance diet, keeping the shed clean and good customer treatment to the list of my improvements. In fact, I have been following every rule of the WAWCAS program. I have improved in many ways, and this is only possible by learning and doing it step by step.