Part 10 – My Husbands Attitude

November 2022

At first, Namaste to all my readers. Talking about my current situation, I am doing fine with my Goat Farming business and also with my new additional Bee Farming Business. Talking about my paddy field, I have finished harvesting the paddy with the help of my family and relatives. It was great to see all of my loving relatives after such a long time. I also went to harvest my relatives’ paddy field in return.

Today I want to share about my husband’s attitude towards me and towards our family after joining the WAWCAS Program. The WAWCAS program has brought a big change into our family’s life, socially as well as economically. I have seen other organizations in our village with different projects, but the WAWCAS program is very much different and has really done a great job. I am very happy that I got the chance to join the WAWCAS program.



The program has not only brought an improvement in our economic status, but also in many other social ways. In the beginning I did not give much attention to the goat farming business, but my husband was so excited and very concerned about it. We invested all our profits from the farming business and even our family savings. I used to share new ideas and all the things that I learn from the WAWCAS group to my husband. I am so happy that me and my husband also got the opportunity to attend four days of training with the WAWCAS group. The training was about agriculture and animal husbandry. This training was very useful.

I share a lot of things to my husband which I have learnt from my WAWCAS group. I taught my husband why and how to make a record of our finances and our business. I also shares everything that I have learned from business and social training from Sajan. I also explain to my husband how we should treat our children, about nutrition and many other things. I also share my ideas of additional business. In the beginning I was not so sure about additional businesses, but a few months back during the home visit, Sajan explained about the benefits of establishing new additional business. And, after getting the very fruitful “Business Training” our additional Bee Farming business is going very well now. My husband fully supported and participated with all the ups and down in our life.  I can see the positive differences and attitudes of my husband before and after joining the WAWCAS group. We are very proud that we have our own business now. I am very good at transforming the skills which I learned in the different pieces of training and my husband is very willing to learn new things. He always asks me to share after the training. Thank you WAWCAS Program for bringing positive changes and attitudes towards my husband’s life and also towards our family.