WAWCAS empowers women living in poverty to social change and economic independence through training and business development.

The typical woman Wawcas is working with:

  • She is living in poverty and is illiterate
  • Her children go to very bad schools if they go to school at all
  • She is exposed to domestic violence
  • She is struggeling to provide for her family
  • She works hard as a labourer or construction worker for 10 hours a day
  • She is lonely, treated poorly by her family and the community
  • She has no self-confidence

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WAWCAS’ Core Principles


Support growth of each woman’s personal, economical and social resources.

Support growth of the women’s joint resources.
Collaboration with local authorities.


Strong commitment from each woman, and among the women, is fundamental for a change in their quality of life.


Strong and regular follow-ups to ensure results.
Transform dreams and hopes into meaningful
goal-oriented actions and results.
Strong conceptualization and consistency in the program.
Certified trainers to ensure quality, relevance and consistency in the program.
Regular data registration and analysis in the WAWCAS Datasystem.


Sustainable results and life changes through local and long-term training of skills and establishment of sustainable businesses.

Sustaining the ability to understand, claim, and pursue civil rights.
Children’s education as basis for long-term change in life conditions.
Legality and transparancy in all parts of the program.


Wawcas 16 months entrepreneurship program is divided into 3 phases. The training is handled by Wawcas’ certified trainers – i.e. Wawcas Local Program Leaders (LPLs).

During the long-term training the women change. They become somebody from nobody, as they put it themselves. The journey begins with the preparation phase which lasts 3 months. The goal of this phase is to make the women ready to join a group and to build a strong foundation in each woman and sense of solidarity.

The women must show readiness to make initial life changes and to start their businesses.

WAWCAS media

WAWCAS Documentary
About Wawcas program by Nina schriver  (In danish)
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1100 WAWCAS women from Lamjung gathered to share experiences, to learn and to be inspired from each other. Get a glimpse of the spirit and energy..

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WAWCAS women story


WAWCAS women story