Successful Shanta Gurung

Shanta Gurung, aged 32, lives at Dhamelikuwa-2 with her husband and 4 children. She studied up to the 5th standard but could not continue because of poor family conditions. Due to her limited education, she was only able to get a very low-paid job as a helper in one of the government schools. Her husband had no regular work, which made her the only breadwinner in the family.

After becoming part of WAWCAS, she has started goat farming with the help of the loan. She started with 3 goats which she purchased for Rs 14,000. During a one year period, she had sold 6 goats worth Rs 30,000 and still owns 5 goats. All goats are pregnant and will give birth in December 2014. She is expecting to add 10 more small goats to her goat farm, which means that after six months she will earn 60,000 rupees from her business. She takes good care of her business and is optimistic that she can do even better in the future.  Apart from her business, she says SWOT analysis and Pocket Chart Analysis are helpful in making her life easier. By the use of these tools she is always thinking twice before she buys something. They also help her think about how she can decrease her weaknesses and increase her strengths.

Sucessful Shanta GurungShanta Gurung, Member LA 10, Lamjung

Written by Sangita Shakya LPL Lamjung