Part 7: Bad Habits

After the Dashain the life was quickly settled back to normal. I had received the blessings of goddess Durga and I was now ready to work and acquire the essential power and wealth. During the festival I was amazed of the excessive expenditure among the people celebrating. It reminded me of the Pocket Chart Analysis (PCA), we prepared at the WAWCAS seven days training program.

Before the knowledge of PCA, I used to spend unnecessary expenses, as the many others during the Dashain. In fact, I had never heard about PCA before the training days with WAWCAS –  to me it was a brand-new but essential tool. I have always been aware of my expenditure on unessential things – but the with PCA, I now have a tool to guide me in how to maximize my savings by minimizing the unnecessary expenses. The learning from the PCA training encourages me to apply it in my everyday life.

Today my income is increased by additional 7000. Besides this, I have minimized my unnecessary expenditures on mobile phone, festivals and my husbands’ high expenses on two bad habits – alcohol and cigarettes. PCA has taught me to spend money on proper things, most importantly education of my children. I used to consider education as an expenditure but now I consider it as an investment. From my perspective, I find it essential to everyone to be trained in the use of PCA. It gives people the opportunity to be aware of unnecessary expenses.

Empty Bottles
I could see Mina walking down the road toward my home. She arrived with a great smile and I welcomed her to my home with a Namaste. The purpose of her visit was to prepare the PCA once again in addition to analyze and identify my behavioral changes.

I called my husband. He was working in the field next to our house. He was excited to meet Mina, as well as being a part of the project and experience the result of the PCA. I was so amazed to see my husband’s enthusiasm. Surprisingly, he was more curious than I to do PCA. I felt pleased to feel his eager and prepare my second PCA together with him. Together we discussed every subject and especially one outcome of the PCA could reduce our expenditure.

Our eyes met in the second he pointed out the option “alcohol and cigarettes”. He frowned with a smile and looked down. There was a moment of total silence. He knew, that he still consumed to much alcohol. I am truly happy to see he is trying to change, but on the other hand aware of the impact this bad habit has. It easier said than done and cannot disappear by just throwing his empty bottles out of the window.

Mina explained the effect of his high alcohol consumption on our economic status, his health and the wellbeing of our family. The money spend on his bad habit, can be used for good purposes, as feeding our family and sending our children to school. My husband looked Mina and I into the eyes and explained with glossy eyes and sorrow in his voice: “I know I am an alcoholic. I accept it, but I have already changed myself more than ever. It is difficult to stop drinking, but I am really trying to stop my abuse. I have realized so many things doing the PCA during your visit. I promise, that I will stop, but it may take some time. You have my word, that I definitely will stop my bad habit.”

With those words my husband gave me hope for an end of his abuse. I am proud of him. I can sense, that he understands the importance more than ever. I am very excited to see how it will evolve with his commitment. I believe in him and pray for the day to arrive, where the last bottle is to be thrown together with the abuse.