Part 6: My Dashian …

It is said that signs of Dashain always first appear in the sky. Fair and pleasant weather, ripening crops, busy roads and paths, crowded shops, cleanliness of home, roads, temples, taps and decorations , each and everything were indicating the arrival of the Nepalese greatest and longest festival Dashain.

It lasts for 10 days, where the first nine days of Dashain symbolizes the battle which took place between the different manifestations of the goddess Durga and demon Mahishasura, who had created terror in Devaloka, the home of gods. The tenth day is the day when Durga finally defeated him. For other Hindus, this festival symbolizes the victory of Ram over Ravan as told in the Ramayana.

This celebration meant that, as like others I was busy preparing for Dashain with great delight and enthusiasm. It was worth putting a little extra effort into the shop, as the Dashain would be the best time, to get an improved income from our business. My husband and I decided to add more products to our shop and went to the market to purchase all the necessary groceries and expand our range. We got so many things for our shop especially those ones, that could easily be sold out during dashain in local areas like ours.

We made a family event out of the shopping, which meant that my children  pressured me to buy on their choices, but I did not mind. They were so excited to get their new clothes. I felt so happy to see the million dollar smile on their faces. It was worth every single rupee.

The hard work paid off in various ways

During the Dashain I got a great profit. 35000 rupees during the two weeks of time. It is very clear to me, that the customers are the most important value for my business and I have become better to identify my prospective buyers and their desires.

Speaking of persons desires. With the enlarged income, I got the opportunity to spoil the ones I love. I asked my husband to take my mother in law to Muktinath, one of the holy places of Nepal. It had been her greatest desire, as long as I can remember. It is true, that I do not have that great a relationship with my mother in law, but i want to clear out all the differences and misunderstandings between us. Being a daughter in law, it is my responsibility to nurture my family with love and warmth. This I had never been able to do before I joined the Wawcas Program.

My husband was so happy with my decision. My husband, children and my mother in law went without me, while I have to look after the home and business. But I comforted myself knowing it would not be the last time for family getaways.

This dashain was so joyful and memorable for me. My mother in law seems so happy after her visit to Muktinath. Her cheerful face resembled her happiness.

I feel a deeper connection between us and the Tika seems so beautiful on my forehead this year.

The red accessory placed in the center of the forehead right above the the eyes indicates the marital status of women and works as a symbol of marriage as a wedding ring.


It’s not that she did not offer me Tika the previous years but this year’s Dashain and the environment around me was totally different. I felt blessed and protected from the evil. I thoroughly enjoyed the family gatherings and feasting with relatives. Could I wish for anything better than this?…. What an amazing feeling…. What a Dashain it was….. A moment to be cherished.


Dashain symbolizes the victory of good over evil.. My emotions couldn’t have been expressed better..