Part 8: A world full of changes

We live in a world full of changes

My days are different now, than they were in the past. I have upgraded myself as an independent woman, who believes in her dream and capable of pursuing it. Responsible for only the household yesterday. Today I have made my identity as a business woman too. As the time has passed, I am now more conscious about my status in family and society. Before my participation in WAWCAS my life was full of miseries and struggles. I was living but not for myself. I have been revolutionized since I have joined WAWCAS. When I look back in time, I still remember the Sita, who had no prospects of any family rights within reach.

During the Issue based training (IBT) meeting, where we got trained in specific issues within our business- and personal life. Here we discussed Gender Equality. The topics gave me goosebumps.
The thought of how I came this long from the situation, I only knew as normal and fair. I don’t want to remember, though it is not that easy to forget. My husband gave me cold stares, when I talk to other men, who visits my shop. He uses abusive words, which still wrench my heart. I have to think a hundred times, before talking to other men.

A situation I need to share….

One month ago a man from the same community came to visit my shop; we talked for a while as he asked me about my business. Right after the man’s wife came and shouted at me. The only reason was, that I had been exchanging my experiences with her husband. When our Trainer Mina was discussing the topic regarding gender and equality, I went straight down memory lane. I still wonder why the woman herself cannot and will not understand another woman. I feel bad for her and other women, who still has that ignorance. We must change the way we look at ourselves as unvaluable parts of the community. We as women are just as important as men..  
Everywhere we discuss about gender equality, but it is still so challenging  to bring that very change into our own lives.

As I am evolving my identity each day, I can definitely see the change in my husband’s behavior. His earlier thoughts of me being a nobody, who can’t do anything to change our situation, has changed since the training and every IBT meeting. After each and every meeting I go home and share with him. He now listens to every word, as I  have brought changing results into our life and supports our family financially.  

This man who used to sleep late at night, now wake up early and helps me with the household. He rarely did any work at the house before WAWCAS. He never bothered helping me, as it was a woman’s task.

He has realized, that there is nothing macho about being a man and not helping his wife with the household. Now I have lunch prepared for me, when I get back from meetings.

He even asks for my opinion, when taking decisions. He is much more open minded now. Earlier I had to ask him for permission, when leaving the house for gatherings and social work. Even though I now know, that the did it out of love and ignorance, it still felt like being a prisoner.  Now there are no restrictions.

Sometimes I wonder if he is still the same man….. I wonder, if I am actually living my dream or if it  is just until I wake up. I hope the macho behavior never intrudes our beautiful life again. Yet life is still living at this very moment and being present. It has become more comfortable and I can sense the lightness from the wings, that are carrying me away from tough times. I am a better person, who takes a pride of being a “woman”.  

Thank You!