Part 5: My Business Partner

I don’t want to be separated again – I am thinking of the days when my husband worked for the Nepalese army.
He is retired now. I am so happy to have him home, mostly because it means so much to our two sons as they will never miss their father again. He is now a part of their and my daily life. We can look each other into the eyes and raise our children together – not apart.

We are in a situation of clueless; we don’t know how to handle our poor economic situation of the family. My husband is depressed, because he is without a job and cannot feed his own family. When my husband is throng with worries and tensions. I am the one to maintain the positive attitude and tell him not to worry, because there is always light even on the darkest days.

I found my light
Today I stand here in my own shop together with my husband. I cannot believe it. I cannot believe that an organization as Wawcas exist, supporting my family and I both financially and mentally, when I needed it the most. I will never forget the day I meet Mamata. She introduced me to the Wawcas Program. I am extremely grateful for their help and support.

A common project
My husband is home, not on a home visit as back in the army days.
He has become my business partner. This keeps him busy involving himself in every part of my business. He does not have to bother anymore about finding a new job and living apart from us again. I can sense his happiness. His depression has faded away. He is happy to be part of my business. We are starting to build a little financial stability but my biggest happiness is to see my husband’s million-dollar smile and have him by my site every day. I believe, for me and my family the key to happiness is a supportive family – not only economic stability.

We’ve have been married for 16 years and for the first time in many years I feel our love blossoms as a newly married couple. All this is due to Wawcas and our common business project “the grocery shop”.
Starting the grocery shop is a new beginning – both as partners and as a family. We are so excited about what the future and our grocery shop will bring us.