Part 2: Economic Status Ranking

I was searching Sita Giri at the meeting place. Women are still coming for the economic status ranking. Sita came with big smile, we greet each other.
I can feel the excitement of Sita. After few minutes I have explained the objectives of our meeting why it is important to do economic status ranking with three different categories e.g. ultra poor, poor and medium poor.
I request all the women to express their opinions of indicators of being poor in the village. After setting indicators, I have also discussed with them how they define a well-off family in the village.

“While Mamata was explaining about the Economic status ranking, I was lost for a while and started remembering my back old days. At the age of three I lost my mother, I grew with my step mother and dad. Her absence was so much real than I thought it would be.

I have never felt what parental love is. In my whole life I have been loved only from my elder brother and my husband. It was always struggle for a proper meal every day.  Even after my marriage it happened to be same.  My economic status was always low. We have few lands which own by mother in law. But to settle we have small hut which is the rented one. I was confused, Am I ultra poor? or poor? I ranked myself poor.

The process went through with all and Mamata request us to prepare social map which was totally new for me. Each meeting I learnt a lot and feel that I am moving ahead. I was eagerly waiting what will be the next step…………………..”