Part 15: My long-term goals

Coming and going are the process of the program. After 16 months of completing the WAWCAS program, we will run our group as a Self-Help Group. In the beginning of the program we were so shy and could not raise our voices, now WAWCAS program and our group is a two face of the one coin. Becoming the member of WAWCAS, I got the opportunity to learn a lot.

My mind is diverting into social work. My goal is not only earning money. I have decided to donate some % of my income to needy people in our community. This month I have donated NPR 2000.00 to Surendra Gurung who is suffering from kidney failure. I will continue this type of work in the future as well. I feel so proud of how my life has changed.

I still remember how badly my mother-in law treated me before and now she treats me like her own daughter. I could not believe this, I am so happy, when I hear her voice calling my name with sweetness.

We are using all the tools which we have learned from the WAWCAS program. PSRP is the best tool to review and change ourselves. We are so happy, that we have our own savings, so we can expand our businesses. We don’t have to ask anyone for support.

We have learned that to get rights, you should fight and not demand, similarly we have fought for our rights. We visited DLSO and District agriculture office and asked for plantation fodder trees, because most of our members are having goat farming businesses, which means we need to plant more fodder trees. DLSO agreed to provide 4000 seedlings next week same as Agriculture office agreed to provide 1000 seedlings. We will be very busy next week, when planting the fodder trees. We are also planning to submit our proposal to our municipality by next month.

Time to say Good bye………..

Dear all readers, I am Mina Adhikari LPL from Lamjung, conducting an interview with Sita and writing her story was a great learning to me as well. Time flies so fast it is really hard to say goodbye to the WAWCAS group, but I feel so proud and happy to see the changes of Sita and other members in their group. They are so great. We are all like one family. They are running their group as a Self-Help Group.

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed her story. I am sure you enjoyed a lot. Good bye for now.