Part 14: Livestock Training

This morning Mina told me that after the 16. month of training my story will not be published.  Therefore, You will not follow me and my journey to become a successful business entrepreneur anymore. But you get the opportunity to follow the 16 month journey of one of the new women, who will join the Wawcas programme as I did.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

I would like to thank everyone within the Wawcas group:  Slisha’s WAWCAS team, volunteer of WAWCAS international, and WAWCAS’ International team for your confidence and capacity. Thank you because you believed in me, and woke me up from my stagnant situation and gave me the courage to become the educated woman I once dreamed about. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of you.

I am so grateful for Slisha’s WAWCAS Team, who supported and guided me all the way. They believed in me and helped me to increase my enthusiasm and excitement in my work.

For me the 16 month training has been an unforgettable journey. The beginning of a new future for me and my family. Thank you because you gave me the chance to learn so many things. Things and tools I continue implementing in my business and life.

Livestock Training

I have totally forgotten to share with you that In March I started an additional business; a poultry farm. I started the farm without knowing how to manage a farm in details. I knew from the beginning that the way to improve my business was to receive livestock training. As I, all the women in my group were willing to receive livestock training supported by WAWCAS.

With the livestock training I build knowledge and skills within farming. For example; is the farm placed facing south then sufficient amount of air will pass, keeping 1 week of a gap after keeping 1 lot hens/ cocks and proper utilization of chemical.

Today I understand the importance of using quality grains to improve the farmer business and I have learned to produce grains. Without the livestock training I still wouldn’t know the diseases of a poultry and how to treat them without guessing. Now I know both the symptoms of the diseases and how to treat them using domestic treatment. Likewise, today I understand when it is the perfect time for breeding poultry and quantity to breed. The training has enabled me to build a farm with 200 poultry.

I have become a successful business woman with the life- and business support from WAWCAS.

//Thank You