Part 13: My journey with the WAWCAS team

Time goes so fast, when you are busy. I could not believe that it’s been the 16th month with the WAWCAS program. During this period, a lot of ups and downs had happened to my life. Thankfully due to effective training and my commitment, my life has been changed a lot. Through the in-depth training, I have gained courage and motivation to start up my business. During the 7 days training, I have shared that I wanted to be a successful business woman and now I feel, I have become a successful business woman, although I must still do a lot.

I have learned how to engage my husband in the business and change his view on a woman’s worth, I have learned how to make my business sustainable and even out every in- and outcome, I have learned the importance of good sanitation and hygiene, I have learned how to stand up for myself, and I have learned that without great support from the group, trainers and all of Wawcas and of course my husband and kids, this would not have been such a successful story.

I know my vision has been changed a little bit, yes, of course, I wanted to be a successful business woman, apart from that, I also want to be a good social worker. I want to act as a role model to my group members. I commit myself into taking full responsibility of my group and make them run successfully.  I will transfer my skills to other women, encourage and motivate other women to come out from their struggle.

I would like to thank Slisha’s WAWCAS team, who always give me support, encourage and took me to this stage in my life. They are always with me and we traveled hand in hand together. I feel so proud of myself and this life is received from my journey with the WAWCAS program. I will always keep in mind, that I can do all the things I want to, if I just believe in myself.

I look forward to give you an update in the future.