Part 12: I am trying to change and improve

Days are passing by. Everyday I am trying to implement what I have learned and integrate it to my daily family and business routines.

Today I am busy drying the mustard seeds. Suddenly, I see Mina in the horisont on her way to my home. She is stopping by today to follow up on the PSRP we performed two weeks ago within a WAWCAS Group training session. I follow her fast steps and smiling face towards my home, while I realize it’s time for self-review again. I am trying to recall which areas I need to improve and commit myself to improve by next month. Last time Mina went here, I promised myself that today’s topic of discussion should be women’s right, which I have not prepared yet.

Last month it was the same. I was not prepared for her visit. After the first PSRP and IBT training focusing on children’s rights and -development I promised myself 3 things; Listen more carefully when my children speak, always encourage and praise them.  I really try, but in practice I still cannot appreciate them. Shame on me! I know from my participation in the games at the first PSRP and IBT training sessions, that it takes time to change behavior and habits.

Well I have to focus on today, not yesterday or her last home visit. Mina reach my place in a few minutes. I recall and try to remember everything while I smile to myself with an expression of embarrassment. What shall I tell Mina? I have not prepared my self-review….Of cause I know that I have to answer with honesty. After all, I do it for my own sake and not for others.

I recall at the first WAWCAS training that we was told to prepare the self-review while we perform any kind of work. All self-review questions are about our daily business activities and IBT meeting.



“Namaste” it is Mina’s voice. I smile and look into her glad face. She makes me feel comfortable with her presence and warm smile. I prepare us a cup of tea and she starts asking questions.

I am silent and with a nervous feeling in my stomach. Shall I be honest that I am unprepared? I look away for a few seconds and decide to answer honestly without further hesitation.

From the first PSRP to this one I realised that I actually understand how to look back and compare my life today with it before. After the self-review Mina and I came up with the following list of all my improvements to date: My children go to school on regular basis, I keep records of income, expenses and savings, and I am to make decision and work by myself.  We also added able to balance diet and cleaning of own shop and good customer treatment to the list of my improvements. In fact, I have been following every rule of the WAWCAS group.

Since I have joined WAWCAS my life has changed dramatically. It is true that it hasn’t been easy for me. When I look back over the past months, I have a feeling of victory. I have improved myself, my life has changed – but still there are areas to change and improve. After todays self-review and discussion with Mina, I feel satisfied and I promise to implement the things I have not implemented yet. I am sure I will start today.

Mina encouraged me to have self-actualization. Without self-actualization I cannot be able to establish myself as a whole person, develop my abilities and understand myself; the real Sita Giri. I try everyday to acknowledge myself regarding my responsibilities. Since I became a member of  WAWCAS I have from the initial stage always tried to acknowledge myself.

Everyone has experiences in their life. Some people learn a lesson from their experiences; some experiences change people’s life. My life experience together with WAWCAS has taught me to overcome all those hurdles and challenges I face.


Thank You!