Part 11: WOW !!!!! I have started my Second Business

After becoming a member of the WAWCAS group I always reflect my day before going to bed. While reflecting the day, a lot of new ideas come and go. I remember one thing which I have stored in my mind, ”More Investment – More Income, More Income – More Saving”. I have changed my lifestyle because of my commitment, training and the support from the group. Always I am thinking how should I increase my income and use my time in a productive way. All of sudden, I got one idea – How about starting a Pani puri chatpate business? but I have no idea how to make Pani puri. I was thinking and thinking and in the end, I fell into a deep sleep. Even in my dream I was talking to Mina regarding my business expansion.

When Mina came to my shop, as a regular follow up visit, I was so excited to share my views regarding my business expansion. Mina was so happy and she encouraged me to start the new business, she also suggested visiting Chitti and have a meeting with Sarita, who knows how to make Pani Puri nicely. Chitti is a bit far for me to go, therefore I have decided to visit Bhoteoddar and learn from the businessman Manish, who is from India and started a Chatpate business many years ago back in Bhotteoddar. I am not sure, if he will be ready to share his experience or not.

I took the chance and I went to Bhotteoddar to buy a Chatpate from Manish. They were mouthwatering. I asked him about the ingredients needed to prepare this Chatpate and he looked at me, not answering for a while. I stood there, just waiting to get an answer from him. It felt like forever and I prepared myself to leave. But all of a sudden, he shared what ingredients and the amount needed to mix in the Chatpate and from where and when I could buy the ingredients. After the answer, I felt a hope for my business and took the courage to ask him a more personal question regarding profit of the business. This time he smiled at first and asked me, if I was planning to start this business here in Bhotteoddar? I smiled back and explained my intentions of starting my own place back in my own village. He seemed cool and shared his experiences.

I went back home with renewed energy and decided to start my new additional business. Unfortunately, I have a big problem with the lack of sufficient money to start up the business, therefore I have to wait for the next collection meeting. During the collection meeting,  I requested to get a 5000 rupees loan to start my new business. Luckily all members agreed to provide me the 5000 loans to start up my new additional business.

Today I am very happy, because I am able to spend more money on my son’s extra classes and tuition fees. I now have a net profit of 6 thousand Rupees in one month from my new additional business. All this is thanks to all the other group members and Mina for providing me with great support.

Now I am confident to run another business if my business goes in lost. I am able to identify the root causes and solve base on the situation.