Part 10: Washing away bad habits

It is said that a mother can be a great teacher for her children. I want my children to have a good and safe lifestyle.

But Wawcas has taught me so much about better living conditions. Especially Issue Based Training (IBT) encourages us, how to make changes on both the inside and outside. How to feel more fulfilled, happy and at peace. IBT not only make us aware about social issues, as equality as I told about earlier but also helps us to improve our health conditions through better sanitation. Poor sanitation leads to sickness and disease and more than 80 % of all diseases are caused of unsafe sanitation. Most diseases are transferred by hand so Mina taught us a six step hand wash guide. While making the dish Pani Puri Chatpat I now wash my hands from time to time during the cooking and use gloves if clean water is not available. I taught the same sanitation to my children and friends. They were thrilled about learning new techniques of hand wash and hygiene. I hope they will pass it over to their friends and spread the word about better sanitation and health. Another realization has hit my mind. I not only have to keep myself clean, but my business and animals needs the same care.

Last time Mina visited me, she addressed me about one of my bad habit. I used to burn plastic, while having a fire. Now I keep it separately and give it to a recycle house. I have come to know the harm of burning plastics, both to my family and the environment.

The most important thing I have come to know, is my unawareness of safe menstruation. I used to keep small piece of clothes as a pad. I used to feel too shy to keep the cloth outside when drying.

It is a common belief among women, not to show such private and unclean  things to everyone. But during IBT meetings, we came to know the cloth shall not be hidden, instead we have to dry it properly in the sunlight. Our small mistakes and carelessness has lead us to major problems. Lots of women today are facing various health problems, because they are unaware of such small things. Now I only use clean and dry cloths, as we cannot offer sanitary pad during regular menstruation.

Better sanitation should be a basic human knowledge, and I therefore remember to pass on these learnings to my children and hope it can change their lives too.