Dil Maya

13. March 2019 / Women Stories - Dil Maya

Part 4: Change after IBT

In our group we have two meetings every month. One is the Saving Collection and Loan Investment Meeting, and the...
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6. February 2019 / Women Stories - Dil Maya

Part 3: My dreams come true

On the last of seven days of training, I was so excited because I was going to start my own...
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23. January 2019 / Women Stories - Dil Maya

Part 2: So lucky to participate

After completion of the socio-economic ranking and social situational analysis, the date for seven days of training was finalized. I...
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20. December 2018 / Women Stories - Dil Maya

Part 1: Looking for a stone – found the God

Namaskar,   I am Dil Maya BK. I am 32 years old. My permanent residence is in the Sarlahi district which is the southern part of Nepal. We came to Kathmandu...
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